Trading Time

A double meaning alluding to actually allocating the time to trade and then understanding the critical information regarding where you are in time when a trade is placed. This facet of time has many definitions.

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Mapping Your Voyage of Discovery

Research shows even those who attend professional tuition will fail within the 1st year, but this is due to natural ability or luck. For the rest of us structure is everything. With it comes opportunity. I look for opportunity across over 90 markets, and don’t try to make a market bend to my will. After 33 years of trading without this structure, I cannot trade. I want you to think about that last sentence...

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Hello, my name is Shaun Downey

I started trading at aged 16 with Rudolf Wolff Commodity Brokers, trading and brokering Soft Commodities, Oil and LME before being promoted to lead their market making FX Spot and Forwards. After 7 years, I went on to Fulton Prebon to trade Bond Futures, and then to Australia to head trading for AFP, specializing in stock options and convertible note arbitrage, whilst advising and trading the groups' global interest rate and currency exposure. I then joined Reuters to be part of the design and launch team of the Globex platform. I spent 20 years until 2012 as a technical analyst at CQG ( teaching, consulting, and promoting technical analysis and system creation around the world.

I am currently a full time trader and mentor on an individual and corporate basis. As a Grandfathered member of the Society of Technical Analysts in the United Kingdom, I write and have written commentaries and educational pieces for various publications and websites over the past 20 years. I currently contribute to the CQG website.

I live in Cambridgeshire with my family and grandchildren.