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Trade of the Day


The most recent strategic trade:

January 15th Buy February Gold 1233.00



The reports are communicated vai email and then intraday updates and day trades are issued via Skype text, or if preferred, by Instant Messenger if you are a Cqg subscriber and wish to join my trading group.


My trading plan follows the following rules and is implemented in the following order and with the tools oulined below.


• True measures of Support and Resistance (Peak Range and Volume)

• True measurement of the Daily charts behavior (Range Deviation Pivots)

• How is the crowd positioned? (Commitment of Traders / Chit Chat)

• Relative performance between markets and asset classes (Quote Board)

• Buy the strongest, Sell the weakest in those asset classes

• What are my daily divergence signals and what existing strategic positions need to be managed? (Market Scan)

• Risk and Expectation (Correlation between positions)

• The correct volume to execute

• The time of the day it is and the correct intraday chart (Vol Time Bands)

• Micro Analysis of the Depth of Market and volume for execution of the plan (TFlow, DomTracker and custom studies)

• What is the easiest trade?


That last point is the key question. Out of the opportunities the market is giving me, from my experience and knowledge, what is the easiest trade? That is the one that is shared for those who subscribe.