4TH Dimension

by Trading Time

Using the fourth dimension to create a third spatial

Visualization from a two dimensional image

Available on eSignal, CQG and Stockcharts

Multiple Time Frame Focus
Range Deviation
Time Averages
Step Theory

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Trading Time

Mentoring. Consulting. Education

A double meaning alluding to actually allocating the time to trade and then understanding the critical information regarding where you are in time when a trade is placed. This facet of time has many definitions.


By Shaun Downey

Trading time aims to provide a framework around mentoring programme for both new and experienced traders. Its basis begins with two books which reflect specific trading philosophy and execution process.

About the Author

Creator of Trading Time

Shaun Downey, a Grandfathered member of the Society of Technical Analysts in the United Kingdom and the creator of Trading Time.

  • Started trading at age 16 with Rudolf Wolff Commodity Brokers, trading and brokering Soft Commodities, Oil and LME before being promoted to lead their market making FX Spot and Forwards

  • Went on to Fulton Prebon to trade Bond Futures, and then to Australia to head trading for AFP, specializing in stock options and convertible note arbitrage. At the same time, joined Reuters to be part of the design and launch team of the Globex platform

  • Being a technical analyst at CQG for 20 years, teaching, consulting, and promoting technical analysis and system creation around the world, currently a full time trader and mentor on an individual and corporate basis


You can contact me about my studies, buying my books and my mentoring services at tradingtime@btinternet.com